The Book Drunkard Literary Festival

Join us October 21 in Blue Heron Studio as we celebrate the launch of Doug Knight’s Super Wicked White Cell Squadron series!

In 1994, when he was 6 years old, Doug was diagnosed with a Hypothalamic Low-grade Glioma (brain tumour).  The damage left in the wake of the tumour would affect his sight, leaving him with a visual range of 8/400 under the classification of legally blind.  Although his dreams of being a fighter pilot were put on hold, he was luckily given the power of the mighty PENCIL! His pursuit of excellence in the field of visual arts would have him pursue a career in the tattoo industry and later creating his indie-comic publication Cross Eye Comics.

Let’s take a second here folks.  Put away the tiny violins and break out the war drums.  What we have here is not a sad tale but an epic adventure!  Doug has worked with some incredible individuals in the tattoo industry and fine art community and has been privileged to marry his best friend and father two of the sweetest little trouble-makers you’ll ever get to meet!

“I spent a lot of time doing two things while I was in the hospital as a child: being bored and being sick! The sick part didn’t stop until I was out of treatment. The bored part, however, I kicked its butt the MINUTE I picked up a pencil for the first time! Much of my influences came from the cartoons I was watching on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You know, when you actually HAD to WAIT for ONE episode of your favourite show to play! It should come as no surprise that I, like many others, love superheroes, giant robots, mega monsters, and epic stories! This brings us to SUPER WICKED WHITE CELL SQUADRON!

SUPER WICKED WHITE CELL SQUADRON is an inclusive and action-packed story. Every element of it is something special to me. The main characters’ names are all combinations of the doctors who made special impacts on me throughout my life. The “minions” are called WULLY GALOOBERS! That’s the name my mom gave the gunk that would form in the corner of my eyes as a child when I had allergy attacks… they were itchy, goopy, and gross. Wully Galoobers… and now they are pesky evil henchmen!”

Doug Knight

We are thrilled to host the launch of Super Wicked White Cell Squadron as part of The Book Drunkard Festival. We hope you’ll be joining us at this super wicked book launch!

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